You will be charmed by the Giraffe Baby Bedding Collection, highlighting an original Marian Mendez baby giraffe design.

The whimsical print is  quilted and perfectly paired with an alphabet matelasse’, blue and cream striped cotton and trimmed in ribbon and lace to create this delightful bedding group.

As with all our bedding Giraffe Baby was designed and constructed by West Virginia artisans.


GB-Bed-Scarf or GB-Quilt

Collage of Giraffe Baby, Sally stripe and vintage lace with poly fill.
GBBedScarf   16×90 bedscarf
GBQuilt           40×46 quilt

*Cold water wash on gentle
*Made in the USA

Giraffe Baby, Children's' Bedding, Animal Friends Bedding
16x90 and 40x46

GB-Bed-Scarf or GB-Quilt